Moodle – Sedona Women’s Institute

The Sedona Women’s Institute is an organisation based in the US state of Arizona, committed to helping women

  • achieve their potential
  • recognise and fulfill their dreams
  • live authentic lives of meaning and joy by providing them with experiences, guidance and tools

With their requirement to provide online courses to their participants, Formative Learning was able to develop courses within a customised Moodle solution (incorporating a customised theme) to suit their pedagogical & technological specifications e.g:

  • non-linear navigation through content and exercises
  • discussion fora
  • online assignments
  • progress tracking
  • digital video integration
  • 24/7 easy accessibility

Online School URL:


Raymond has a rare combination of technical skills combined with knowledge of design, implementation and operations. He is an outstanding education and IT professional who is a delight to work with because he is knowledgeable, flexibility, reliable and responsive to customer’s needs. He has made the entire process so effortless that I have been able to focus on running my business. I could not recommend him more highly!

Karen Ely, founder/director
Sedona Women’s Institute

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